August 5th, 2010


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My mobile and/or LJ decided not to post my last photo, I only realised now, having previously thought nobody had anything to say about it.

trolleys, any background info from China re. the as usually baffling (even to herself) decision re. Peregrine? Other than the vitriolic little pervert critic having the only vote that counts? Does China get a bit teary each time now, I usually don't watch just listen to those bits.

Moustache man also buzzed off to their home country and also asked what he could bring me. I genuinely always say nothing (bad at getting bribes, unlike sheboss), and then I tried to explain the fairy tale of the three hazle-nuts to him - apart from that lovely film it's a common theme in more than ONE fairytale, also integrated in La Belle et la Bete or the King Lear like one ("Donkey-skin").
He only seemed to understand that the third sister got rewarded mightily in the end and not the bit about genuinely being unable to ask for anything more than "something small and weird you find". He said the whole country was weird and full of small weird things. With him leaves my only human contact but also my only kindasorta watchdog.

After months of daily dithering I had decided to really really go to the zoo tomorrow. Sheboss is no longer even making any pretence - okay well she still is (e.g. when she says whole town is on holidays and I say "except for me who never gets leave" she claims only "we" are working), but it's no use sitting in the airless office all day everyday when she never comes. Except there will be cold rain all day from the morning on, missed it again.
In case you're wondering, I have no fond childhood memories and I've always been leery of zoos, even this "very good and constantly improving" one. But
- I yearn to see big cats and the little red panda. Bother this "summer", I can't seem to make it/me WORK! *headache*

- I've listened to Simon + Garfunkle's "At the Zoo" a hundred times, due to only having a dozen songs on my mobile/anywhere I go. Zebras are reactionary, antelopes are missionary.
- I wish I had the guts to just not go there for four days; not that I can really travel anywhere, but just go back only Monday AFTERNOON shortly before she might show up.