August 3rd, 2010


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Our largest high quality non-trash daily newspaper has TL;DR inserts besides nearly every article now!
I got no words.

Excerpt from my Sunday post:

The 50yr old (semi)professional author who chased away everyone in our writing group lectured us on how Twilight is very literary, no sarcasm, "have you read the first book? In English? It has all the marks of a work of literature!" This was just one way of looking down on us silly girls who have no clue about writing.

She was also behaving like a character I was planning, but that was another coincidence.

So, fitting this as well as my statement last week, I watched the brand new "Vampires Suck" movie, Collapse ) bite.

ETA: hah, well he was Skywalker as well, long back-catalogue of pretty typecasting yet still long.

ETA-$: "I wish they didn't show up on camera"