July 31st, 2010


"I showed them the hot water, Chris."

Today the cats made a hole in my sink.

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Then I made them pork with rice (surprisingly vet said it IS ok like any meat, huh); the leftovers for me were hard and horrid and vilefied by half a kilo of ancient coriander seeds, while their unseasoned stuff would actually have been yummy (lots of fat fried out) but yeah right. Then I ground it in the machine (more greasy dirty dishes). Then I handfed them bite by bite, since that usually is the only way they will eat some stuff. Spoiled, elles? Mais non.

I'm edgy, stomach is sick with nerves. Bad hypo yesterday.

FIRST MEETING OF NANO 2010 TOMORROW already. I'll accept becoming municipial liaison. You'd not have thunk I'd get such jobs, would you. But then I don't write anymore, I just do it for the kids. I'd get a free sticker anyway, even if I didn't do the ML officially.

The second indicator of time was the red screen of death I posted, the PC doing what it did for 8 weeks last year.

The third is that the 42 tottering piles of books are now one year old, which I know because last year's Pratchett is at the oldest's top and this year's will come out soon. I love the title "I Shall Wear Midnight". I always wanted to mention that "Nothing to be Afraid of" is one of my favourite titles, oddly because I never thought "Don't Panic" more than a joke, hmmm. Pratchett: Bookdepository is the most expensive seller of it though, hm, maybe UK bestseller deals favour Amazon.
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