July 30th, 2010


Work of Art (not)

Actually, I'm shocked. Despite having griped and ranted from ep 1, to really see the only two logical winners also get eliminated, while that asldkfjoiwer does her umptenth nude picture of herself and wins again? No matter how much I know it's calculated, this even upset China Chow. Even if she was acting, when she nearly started crying while throwing him out it the first time I liked that woman that is lauded for dazzling in this great show ...

ETA: if you're able to see the online clips where the losers and China talk after the show, please tell me details, the headlines indicate she had good things to say?

Cap: I had paused and then noticed the poses of the judges and thought them too ridiculous not to show you as well. I hope someone annihilates the second and fourth men from the left, and tonight's winners. I've said that feminism has been backlashed ever since the end of Grunge, but this fucking false infuriating wanna-be-Cindy Sherman -rip-off who keeps getting lauded by those fucking dickheads pushes it down a few feet further, aided by the whitest boy sadly-alive and too many women echoing that the greatest most shocking and ARTISTIC thing for a woman to do is exactly what nearly every man wants.

ETATHREE-TL;DR: the male white judges have kicked out (with blistering condemnation) the black woman, the asian man, the gay man, the old woman, the uneducated man, the fat woman and the latino man. The educated young white "pretty" assholes remain.


Terry Taylor

lj-user="enname", the name I mailed you was of an artist that I immediately thought you needed to know and would like, even before I learned that the artist was
- Australian
- female
- working with and about Memento Mori

She was hard to google - there is nothing, esp. not the dozen of small oils I wanted to show you - but besides the integrated-skull art you can view in the Stock Gallery
she also did small paintings that look like photographs, they are so lively and skilled, of figures like your preserved and expensively dressed skeletons, relics. As the two articles I found said, they are oddly life-affirming. I saw them in a collection of a doctor that was mainly death and sex, and as such it fits this post perfectly (hated his flat giant porn pics, you would have enjoyed the religion cum entrails).

Not to be confused by the OZ artist of the same name calling herself Dark Fairie or - quelle surprise - by the CindySherman-Ciccolina-nudeselfportraitist lauded for the same old shit here nor the author of a mixed media book I really want either!


ETATETA: my true calling would be assemblage. Both the trouble and the only source of material is that it's a popular mainstream hobby in America - mixed media, object boxes. Hell, steampunk is an extension of it. But like altered paintings and collages it's something I never realised I'd been collecting for and randomnly doing anyway (in my miiind). So, I said it here first, hopefully not last.
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