July 21st, 2010


(no subject)

- is it LJ or FF that keeps me logging out of LJ but often also logging me in next time? I updated FF nearly every econd night now so I fear it's that.

- she didn't come at all yesterday despite saying to me twice she would, I'm so dumb, of course a one hour luncheon means she's "busy" all day while I get thank you mails from the people that unlike me where invited. Sahara heat is back. Kendra's last doc visit today I hope - I can only live with perma-guilt about chronic disease, can't X-ray her every month and she can't speak.

- I wanted to give you just the link to CATS CORNER this morning, because it's the one game that's only available in one single place, and hours later I even registered for the first time but since then the flash doesn't work at all so I went to yahoo uk king and then had to register there as well and now can only do tournaments by which I mean to say something is inching its way into Gluey territory.


ETA: it's got a very Jeeves+Wooster like pre-roll sequence.

- today's plainclothes ticket police (secret conductor? traffic checker?) wasn't just dressed up in shin-length baggy trousers, no, that sort of hip dressing up is this century's schtick, and they also use women a lot since for ages everyone saw the bus-fuzz from miles away. No, today they wore shoulder bags with Agnostic Front printed shabby-chiquely on the flap WTF!!!! Who is shopping for these guys and girls? Looking at them later they had the same neanderthal posture and face one is used to, and the pants where ridiculous but if you don't look closely ... well it must be former punks having sold out, after all they are my age or older now. I wish I'd dared shoot a photo. Or asked "so, do you like this band?". The other month I did take a photo of a black man, two skinheads, and an ad for the rightwing party smack in the middle between them. Sadly I dithered so long that the immigrant noticed and either ran at me or out the picture (the train then blocked view, but what a shot).

- I'm also beyond sick and tired of vampires but for that very reason a non-occult, non-supernatural parable-y theme about an aspect of vampire is the only thing I can think of for NaNo, quel surprise.