June 27th, 2010


PC and not-PC

If plugging out and in - in various order - doesn't work, how can I get my scanner recognised? I forgot which trick I used to use and wanted to scan a cover of another rare book I'm giving. I told Comodo it's trusted and "outside sandbox". HAHAA sometimes just posting helps, as if the foo or chi just wants one to look silly and then it'll consent to work.

Collapse ) Enjoy. In thine eyes be all my pics remembered!

Another moocher mooched without waiting for me to say "yes", this is getting ridiculous, I had no red marks and now the whole page is red.

COCA COLA LIGHT - will it gum up the keyboard like coke with sugar would? i_f says yes but - really? I had flood again, no room for glass again, but first time it's not water or tea so first time I need advice. I was going to unplug it, give it a quick shower and then turn it around, but then didn't dare and just hit it on the back for half an hour. STICKY OR NOT????