June 22nd, 2010


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Americans might be pleased that S. thinks it is so much more open and tolerant than our country, in which he's just received a 10 hour heart operation (for free) from our native heart specialists, is cared for by native nurses (also for free, and Collapse ) Why am I crying now?

Was at big city library for first time. Its famous fresh opening shine has long gone, and Kerr's Tiger wasn't there, but there are so many picture books ... I got all sad and wistful for never having had that sort of childhood and then wanted to know what materials and techniques each artist used and wanted to make such books again as well. More than for adult novels you need the belief in things for them though! A colleague at the studio seems to train towards it more realistically. There are so many FANTASTIC looking ones, but too often the texts fall flat. I was gonna type up the ten I just read now, but - what is it, depression? - that weight prevents me from getting up. The dead cat photo in "kewpie + johnny" didn't help! I've also got Goodbye-Mog, should I better not read that?

idee_fixe, I got vol. 1-2 of "Violetta" by Tarrin + Tronchet - and they don't have the last 3 anywhere to borrow and I don't like it well enough to buy, wah, tell me the end if you know it?
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