June 20th, 2010


WORK OF ART series 1

Oh, cool, I thought, a contemporary show showing artists creating all sorts of art, the format of Runawaywhateverthatothercrapis maybe okay since it gives the same tasks to very different people, hence allowing for lots of interpretation.

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I just told W. the other day that I'm now not attempting to ever enter any academy of arts, one of the options this studio can help us with; if I didn't make it at the right age, I'd never cope with these people now, and I've also spent too many decades in school already. But I do want to learn!

Somebody hold my hand please? Unlike the Hoarders documentaries, I really want to suffer through these to get some fresh insights!

I realise that all LJ friends who did these schools never talked about their fellow students; but then a) the US art schools like their colleges seem much more schoolish than our universities and b) they - YOU - never had any trouble with their rivals there, it's just another form of high school (oh gahd the smiling). Are you ze next great artist?!"?!

PS: these aren't artists anyway but "ahrdisds"

ETA: episode 2, and the completely untaught wood-chuck I was worrying for has lost my sympathies only because the judges keep chucking out the earnestly trying young women, obviously saving up their ammunition and keeping in the louder characters. And I hate how the judges love on the youngest and handsomest (white) boy, who also sports his OCD.