June 17th, 2010


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Was it common knowledge that Lyra's Golden Compass was taken from Ancient (and feminist) history?

Do you know if astrolabes are on sale in Egyptian souks? I know I couldn't afford a quality replica, but might there possibly be tourist replicas in the town of Hipatia?!? How much would one cost?

This morning I actually thought she'd left me a bag filled with boxes of chocolates as a thank you. It was stuff I have to deliver to her assistant. *smacks self*

Studio guy had meeting with me today, unlike others I knew there'd be no expelling as long as we want to stay. I fear they're realising I have remnants of smartness, even though I easily disprove that by telling him that the only thing he thinks most interesting in "my work" is the most common and boring thing ever, all Americans collage their notebooks with text twining around images (I even gave him links since he didn't even know etsy).

Your verdict?