June 4th, 2010


See, I don't like saying that people are so stupid, because I know what I think when I read that but


if the insurance will only ever pay (ie. reimburse from the doctors' and meds' bills) as much in sum each year as I have paid them in sum each year,

why the fuck get insurance in the first place? Oh, so employers can "pay half" by way of avoiding paying their legal social fees and taxes? Except that small sum has to be added to the potential wages.

Which are then higher so the insurance which is based on potential wages in percentage of course also is higher so the half they pay is higher. And that makes the lump sum higher so the insurance gets higher so the half they should pay gets higher. If you saw Better off Ted, you saw a fictional happy end to such hopeless stupidity.

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I stopped taking two meds, worried I might not be able to get them much longer, and hoarded two others, but that leaves the allergy and spinal tabletts unaccounted for. And I mustn't get run over or anything! Let's hope the cancers and tumors won't be any trouble ;)

I've been so cold these five six seven endless rainy weeks; the two hours the sun come out, the busses heating also went on ...

I intended to never ever post about that boring daily stuff again but like not starting sentences with I ...

I did delete the political references though! It was hard because the angry chanting of the scary mob is in my head, drummed there by b. and S.s (natural, but uneasy-making) support of them.
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