March 18th, 2010


Hello, my name is ... uh ...

... what's my name again?

Since I've involuntarily morphed into a lurker, you might only have seen it in comments, where it was not being aggressive. Screaming Simm Master (pun) is my default icon (for once not by me, since I cap only smurfs). I find it comforting. The dear RayK mood icon I never get to use, since I sit around too much even when stressed and flailing, but it fits because -

- I just got the call from the Collapse )

Except someone seems to have cancelled, they give me five days notice of my interview. In the meantime I had avoided my upsetting regular group - can one call it gimp-painting? - and already had only a tenth or hundreth of the other applicant's output!

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How do I create empty columns?
LJ needs "font"tag that is otherwise depreciated?
Poème d’occasion



funny: I keep expecting the letters to drop to the bottom of the screen while I'm typing this. I've done nothing but all week and there's no line underneath those little fragile black things, they'll fall any moment now! So disconcerting that they don't. So NOT surprising that anything coming into my mind when faced with a piece of paper are shapes from Snake, the only game on my phone.

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ETA-THREE: I for once told you about it right away! I'm so excited I don't know if I have another hypo or am shaking from nerves. It's just gouche paint and a small dark room but there'd also be lessons that will of course crash with dole and oh I'd like to but oh.

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