February 13th, 2010


That's of no interest either?

Polls have shown that there are neither lurkers nor readers here, nobody who knows how to stop whiskers-loss or why a light fixture "fades out" and kills every bulb screwed into it, but also none of the old SGA fen?

Fastforward to 7 min, then to 8.40 - Joe Flanigan on Jace Hall "stretching the material" - he's still wearing the suit - and it's too damn big for him *gg* - "That's why I don't hang out with white people: they're silly".

ETA: very belated note to self: it's a rare and fantastic thing that Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of" became number 1 in the UK again because some people started a campaign to prevent talentless Xfactors topping the charts as usual, and hundreds of thousands of people joined in, making a great angry song famous (again) and raising money for charity. Rare grassroots win \o/
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