February 12th, 2010


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  • I hate having a skier on my most viewed page for two weeks now, but "light" looks extremely ugly with no shortcuts. The Olympics are like fucking Halloween, so much for "Russian" LJ, other people's events keep being forced on me with no opting out choice.

  • Speaking of which: I loved and used Google for everything, but Buzz really is BAD.

    Despite having opted out of it
    not having a profile
    and not having reader
    I "acquired" more followers and "followed" more people over night.

    http://fugitivus.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/fuck-you-google/ - we never made a profile and blocked everything; additionally I had never used reader either, so not even that could be blamed for the frankly scary invasion.

  • lovely old NY snow pics

    I don't think people outside the US use *umbrellas* in the snow, do you?!

  • More buzz for Joe, even with a good large photo: http://tvscreener.com/2010/02/the-rockford-files-remake-who-should-be-the-new-jim-rockford/

    Lovely comments, too. Must not get hopeful, down -i-, down :)

  • About once daily in the last three days, Kobold started purring (loudly), maybe less than a minute, but very pointedly, and just now while sitting in a basket away from me. Earlier Kendra had been meowing beggingly while lying in another basket. I run to feel her nose, worrying she/they might be ill.
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