February 4th, 2010


*Why* does this cost so much effort !?

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- I want to post pictures of the second RL pregnant man at every mention of MPREG fic (and how did I not know the term was on wiki (not fandom!wiki).

- A "geek" was the guy who bit the heads of live animals in carnivals. Ozzy is a geek, you're (probably) not?

- Terry Pratchett weighs in on the Right To Die campaign aka is going to try and win assisted suicide case.
I'm still looking for a book about writers and suicide - popstars and actors cases are much better known, but with writers it's usually later in life, not drug- or fame-addled, and possibly more disconcerting since more considered and by erudite individuals (yet depression and creative talent (not creativity) are acknowledged to go hand in hand).

- Which brings me to his popular buddie. I had stopped reading Gaiman's blog a long time ago, but couldn't help feeling a bit bitter about people celebrating him having gotten a young girlfriend. Collapse )

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- These bits of information - like any bit of news this year - I have from ONTD which I really hate because it takes up nearlly *all* of ff which never shows me all people posts or better comm posts, just endless plastic people and wank. There are worse comms I wasted times on ... I'll post those more relevant bits next time ... lots and lots of deep thoughts and stories ... but I need to press *POST* now, it's been 30 hours again.
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