December 12th, 2004


music is my boyfriend

except he dumped me.

still, i was going to say something along the lines of "fucking fan-tastic" and "durchwachsen" and that - except for john convertino and phil puleo - i think i like female drummers better, and the non-stop-drum-swap was indeed impressive (even if only a cheap stunt?) but i lost my touch and somehow it is not better to go with young girls *sigh*

*must write three proper reviews*
oops, today

ps: praline overdosing going on, ack! why is nobody talking *pout* it's only 2 am after all *squints* okey. bye.
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sex by the book

ladies and gentleman, on this grey black, dark sunday i will finally attempt to start publishing parts of my hidden über-mega-post. somehow parts got lost - no wonder, i've been forwarding (post-poning *snicker*) this for months - and will be eta-ed later. first up: book excerpts.

sickening sexist sex scenes that i hate in ff and published works alike.

julia quinn just popped up on my amazon recommendations again, and stupidly i was tempted, but hey, no! this is what these journals are for, to remind myself - and warn you - of crappyness. interestingly, many slashers buy them, which just proves to me their bad taste.

the danger with quinn is that the summaries are so very tempting and even worse, the glimpses of other couples at the end of each novel - when you are heartily sick of the protagonists - make you want to read about them! that is, until you really read that book, when you hate them, and therefore yet another couple that is only mentioned becomes attractive. clever ploy, n'est pas?! must. not. fall for it!

yes. i really typed it all up *pained* if i had shortened it further, it'd have been identical.

he: *sticks finger into her to check temperature/moisture*
she: you are huge!
he: thank you. i wish i weren't at this moment. this will hurt. *grits teeth*
she: i don't mind, my first-last-and one-and-only-man-ever, you will be gentle.
he: can't. contain. myself. any longer! *pities her greatly but plunges*
she: oooooh! *stunned ~pout*
me: *gag*

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oookay, this really, really hurt me more than you. or them. i had to force myself not to put the books away. (no, i would not throw or tear them, too anal even for that).

eta: in case you don't know the bad sex awards are given to "better authors" on a regular and deserved basis.
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