December 8th, 2004


young girls, jason isaacs, a dildo and king arthur

is everything conspiring against me? i clicked "sweet+pretty" + "boy pals", not angry*:

angry result

what kind of little girl were you?
if i only change the kind of clothes i had to wear i already am me Collapse )</center>

* but the angry girl is the prettiest of them anyway - in fact, i think she is fucking gorgeous, so i'd rather be her than that boring pasty-faced quiet girl.


i guess i really won't go to see "elektra", as the horse's mouth confirms jason's complete scene to be not much shorter than his appearance in the trailer, and uncredited. as much as i'd love to, i'd have to leave the cinema afterwards.


in a paper for old age pensioners i found and advert for "a medical aid to strenghten your internal muscles" for women. you can order it online at - and you can test it for 30 days!


fuuuuuuuuuuuck. there really is no way out, king arthur has two versions that both have missing parts, i hate bruckheimer, i always hated him, now what!?!


a glimpse of the difference in status between lj-users


for silverthoughts and other fans: jude law

for dissident_dream + mickfish: i think you might like this fic if you don't already know it.


sorry yakalskovich, i kept adding to this post all day :S
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