December 7th, 2004


days-of-the-week song titles

i am so dumb diligent*:

  • "i don't like mondays" boomtown rats, "blue monday" new order, "monday monday" the mamas and the papas, "monday" the jam, "rainy days & mondays" cracker, "stormy monday" eric clapton, "manic monday" the bangles, "suddenly monday" melanie c., "monday monday" wilson phillips, "make it till monday" the verve, "monday" wilco, "new moon on monday" duran duran, "blue monday" fats dominoe, "stormy monday" bb king, (the happy mondays)

  • "tuesday morning" the pogues, "sun comes up, it's tuesday morning" cowboy junkies, "ruby tuesday" the rolling stones, "ruby tuesday" the corrs, "tuesday morning" melissa etheridge, "barely out of tuesday" counting crows, "tuesday" yazoo, "tuesday's gone" lynyrd skynyrd, "tuesday's gone" metallica, "tuesday in amsterdam" counting crows, "losing on a tuesday" adam green, (till tuesday "maybe monday")

  • "wednesday morning" simon + garfunkel, "wednesday" jimmy eat world, "waiting for wednesday" lisa loeb, "wednesday lyrics" tori amos, "ruby wednesday" eskimo joe

  • "thursday" life of agony, "like a summer thursday" towns van zandt, "thursday" morphine (at least three bands: here till thursday, sweet thursday + thursday)

  • "friday i'm in love" the cure, "friday" ice cube, "thank god it's friday" r. kelly, "black friday" steely dan, "friday" sunny day real estate, "good friday" black crowes,

  • "when saturday comes" (in "blue light flashing") travis, "saturday night" suede, "sunday to saturday" take that, "saturday" reef, "saturday" babyface, "sunless saturday" fishbone, "drive in saturday" david bowie, "saturday's child" the monkees, "saturday night's alright for fighting" elton john, "saturday" carpenters, another saturday night" cat stevens

  • "every day is like sunday" morrissey, "lazy sunday afternoon" small faces, "sunday morning" the velvet underground, "sunday bloody sunday" u2, "sunday's slave" nick cave and the bad seeds, "church on sunday" green day, "blue sunday" the doors, gloomy sunday billie holiday, elvis costella etc., "sunday morning" no doubt

    before you ask/doubt: i do know all the artists, even if i don't like them or know all of these songs. there were more song titles but as i had never heard of their performers, i did not include them. please add more that i might know in the comments!!

    aside: we used to have a great radio show, "rock museum". they played all kinds of indie music, and also very old songs, but always themed and with lots of background information. not!not on the musicians as is done today (see the libertines) but about the music, the real stuff. i have never ever read or heard anything like it again.

    *stupid after all. naturally, ready-made lists already exist.