December 3rd, 2004


prologue to sex and rock

yellowsummer called! and squeed! rather than explode, she was willing to pay the price to be able to let somebody know that she managed to get free tickets for the special needs concert because she did not recognise the band member! he said "we are not very famous" and asked where she was from. i told her that brits and yanks think german accents sexy (unlike us, who think it's atrocious). she thinks it's because she looked lost and pathetic. i think it was bound to be attraction if the guy gave one of the very few audience members a freeby.

ps: an sms an hour later: "omg he waved from the stage to me! andrew = semigod".

pps: around midnight i was impatiently waiting for an sms when ys called from london! i am deaf on my left ear now (no, really! ... no, not from her!) --> "special needs" sound great! she just has to persuade them to sing her my another name instead of francesca. or get rid of that chorus ... i asked her not to have any threesomes without me ...