November 28th, 2004


this will turn into something else

earlier hal hartley is love
Love Generator

as i have nothing to say that you should be forced to read, i'll try a tiny film comment:

heike makatsch is no jeanne moreau.
and i did not even like that character in jules et jim.
i could excuse the old novelist's fantasy when truffaut turned it into a film, because even though i'd hate his stories on paper or in rl, francois is a true filmmaker and transforms the material into something special.

but obsession cannot work because today we rightly don't consider such women as ... forget it ... maybe you do? a remake of that love-triangle ... is it just me? i mean, this is obviously a remake, but as i did not see the credits or ever read about it, i don't know the official line - set at another turn of a century, it just cannot work.

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forget what i said. maybe you do.
i don't get it. why men go crazy.
about women like that. of course.

but the one thing that could have saved obsession is it's biggest crime: daniel was dubbed.
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