November 7th, 2004


doing a mys!

and john was dickon in "the secret garden" - i always loved him and hated the film version where she went for the rich boy! damn, now i have to get that cd somehow :S

bwah - and this is just .. it's not even rps, but it really calls, what with them and bob and so many linkages.

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eta: 8 Nov 2004, 11:22 pm
music: "wick" and other snippets from "the secret garden"


fuck. it took me *checks* about 20 hours, but i managed to listen (not save) a few seconds of jcm singing. with yet another accent. i'd kill to get it. i fear there is hardly anything at all i could possibly get. me and my f****** eclectic tastes. i am guh.
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    jcm also supports the scissor sisters *listens*