November 6th, 2004


bittersweet bundle of misery

alright youse - even juliatheyounger and at least one other snape fan admitted it was realistic to make him have a pot belly, but i just found (old) pictorial evidence. behold, brevisse agrees with me (i say).

i am not surrounded by any target group needing this rec, but i love brevisse's humour. here the drawings and the text really fit perfectly. for me. and harry does not look annoying, despite being (cutely) portrayed as such. i can't believe it, dear flist, but yes, i fear it is the s-word again. but with a "snack" for starters.

faun & satyr

though i know that my friends know what a faun is, but i belatedly link to a few pics:

from an elfwood artist

classical greek satyr
and this is a modern fannish satyr
one of the best representations of the myth i could find by quick googling


because i am not really right now:

trogdor the burninator, not actually whedonverse, more about fanart. now then, everything these days is about the shrub: ... just what it says.

although i am at least no longer thinking of the shrub anymore. i have bigger problems. i did get a number of hilarious things sent today though, and as i did not see them posted on my flist, i uploaded them for you:

trying to vote for kerry on the machines in florida (crowdpleaser, this one).

one parachute too few in a plane with bush on it (pps format).

michael moore pinpoints the bright side of no-gay-marriages and the whole debacle.

migration to canada is increasing.

Collapse ) a week later - media reactions:
what time magazine said
and the german spiegel
fox decides to wrap up the war in iraq due to poor ratings

etateta: Collapse )

i am a sick sad world.

randomn, i think (sorry, my brain is both addled and riddled)

naturally it took me till 2 am to sort of empty the kitchen and roll up the carpets. no, this is not a barbaric european custom *stern look* Collapse )

after even less sleep than on work days, father arrived, complaining about the heat before even entering (as per usual and never ever forgotten) breathing labourosly after two minutes, breaking my lamp after 20 minutes and - forgot what else - then leaving me with the guy from krk, Collapse )

as i could not just sit and twiddle my thumbs, let alone sleep or read or sleeep as i so much wanted to - nor eat *stomach ache* - i fiddled around non-stop, hanging up my dozens of jackets (i never wear) properly, putting my dozens of medicines into a drawer (properly), Collapse )

now she is 2 hours late and i worry *gnaws already water-damaged fingers* there are so many more violent attacks on women in this town, we even got a very worrying citizen brochure sent to us (scream! take self-defence lessons! ... it seems everyone but men are in danger ...).
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