November 1st, 2004


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i'm angry at all of you! if i go to bed at 3.30 am i could expect there to be not much on my flist on 11 am, right?! wrong. bastards! i have to finish my first fic in ages, and you keep distracting me!! i really want to finish this! i am stressed. muchly.

eta: nobody helped me with the wmv/mov/rm issue or save jude in japan.

ps: mickfish?! that first bit was *sat*
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long division

2 pm:
i am so horny hungry *drool* and my beta refuses to speak to me until i finish this! *growl*

2.30 pm:
damn. she went to bed! again! and i hit my head and you will get unclean pwp.

3.00 pm:

3.30 pm:
damn. i was advised to write less realistic flatter a popular fandom character.

4.00 pm:
i don't wanna *whine* plus, look:
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Fic: Satyrry 1 (HP/SS, R)

Title: Satyrry 1
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape *resigned sigh*
Rating: R? (as usual, I have no idea). Unashamed smut.
Summary: Harry’s new look makes people get down on their knees *cough*. In the first instalment, a certain well-known Potions master reacts in unforeseen (even to him) ways to a break-in and ends up in a sticky situation.
Thanks go to my juliatheyounger and I am not!not evil at all!

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