October 31st, 2004


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*heart attack*
my dvd player did not recognise anything now, no dvd, no cd.
it worked fine last night. was it passionada? was it something i said?
*eats 500g chocolate*


please copy/paste http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Ss/0375735/PHOTOLOWK_471_.jpg to see enduring love! daniel craig! i hope this is linkable. glasses! he looks like a young callum now. i will never see it though *cries bitterly*

i am trying to write again. what with the last feedback and evil bitch's appraisal, i thought i never would, but it is better than doing 3 months of laundry and dishes ewww i will write a ficlet in two variations, and i got the punchlines already. now for that bit in the middle.

three four 3 pm: oh nooo!
i have no tomato sauce. nothing. not frozen, not in glasses, not canned. no sauce anywhere. i have onions and minced meat and no tomatoes! oh. and no cheeeeeeeeeese! *expl.: no shops open for next two days*

whatever happens ... i must not ... cry

i could google, but do you know which media is better, i.e. has more detailed pic and sound quality: wmv, mov or rm??

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peter jackson turns 43 today!
strangely, i did not read that on lj.
i really do wish him a happy birthday.

i just fiddled with communitites and memberships until the various numbers in my userinfo are all
a) even
b) evenly balanced and
c) the numbers are only 4, 6, 8 or 10.
eta: damn. friending!

i wrote more while i had people to chat with, i seem to need the 200%-typing-chatting-reading-thing and am a bit stuck now. or a lot.

eta: i actually nearly-completely-read a fic! this holmes slash is damn good.

it is so dark everywhere!
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