October 29th, 2004



i really can't take care of myself, people.

not only can't i fight (for my right ...),
or stand up for myself. for others i can.

no, i also can't do myself anything good!
i can never buy myself anything nice.

i have awful cheap chocolate now.
and - still no milk!!


and just to test her: milady22, do you want me to beta now?


oh dear. and now i did a quiz! and lo-and-behold the results:
45 questions: omg, please no. it might be true, but i hate those kind of films.
Collapse )


there more often i reread bits of this true account, the worse i feel: it does not matter what you do, the fbi will come and get you. romance writer raided.


much, much later: can't afford all the fantastic mags out at the moment, but hope to get jude, buffy, eccleston + the invinvibles.