October 25th, 2004


well, that was a downer

finally saw italian for beginners. i had not seen it at the cinema because i was sick of dogma pretentions. later i heard it was warm and funny, but could no longer get it. today i find it infinitely sad, not depressing, just deeply sad. a bit like kaurismäki, though subtly different.

heavy heart in the middle of the night.

i didn't know that even the fence-scene in tatu's lesbian video was stolen from "gia" (angelina jolie playing the model gia carangi). usually it's the americans stealing from unknown russian films.

ps: interesting, i searched and found that the real gia maria carangi did look unbelievably sweet. and much more innocent than angelina.
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adam bush and amber benson are dating?!?!?!

i am jealous of both of them think they fit so well, don't you?


only yakalskovich looked at and wondered about these pictures of the actress in a previous post of mine. i think it really is the cheeks, she had them sucked or flattened or "sculpted" and suddenly looks like laura dern. speak up, is it just me??

is there a way to subscribe (for free) to good online papers like the guardian or the times? like in an rss-feed, whatever that is? :S because i won't remember to check them daily, or even regularly ...
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watching tv

whenever i see a movie that is supposed to be really for or about women i despair. whenever i see a show that supposedly portrays women more favourably, i have to grudgingly take the side of mysoginist machos. and i hate the first film of sophia coppola even more than her second. it alienates me. it nullifies me!

and just as last night, levity saves me:

stottlemeyer/monk = otp!!!

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whedonesque coupling

you, yes you, all of you already knew about this! and i am really grumpy that nobody told me *grumble afteritoldyouaboutmyencountersandlikesanddislikes grumble* so this is obviously not for you at all. hrmph!

thanks to myska_x - more for the kick in the ass than the actual hosting :D - you can finally see what i tried to show you before. Collapse )

she is too pretty esp. even for him

he is too pretty for him! *wants*
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uhm *ggg*

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obligatory jasoness:
i think i only subscribe to twop - which i don't read coz i don't get the series - because they love jason in "the west wing", current quote: "Donna goes in for more surgery, but not before asking to speak with Josh. Despite Hot Photographer's earnest efforts to chase Josh away, we are confident in predicting that he is not going to be around much longer."

oh ... :( ... well ......... boooooh.
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