October 24th, 2004


inzombiacs of the world, unite and take over!

3 am again. not good. again.
after trying to banish the neverending thoughts of the unfairness of my workplace with images of dewey disappearing into a box, drumming madly on my mattress for a while, singing something (i think) and telling myself i really needed to keep lying there, because otherwise i would not get up before 3 pm again, just like yesterday, i did not listen to myself. again.

i'm sure lots of you can't sleep either - what do you do? controlled sleep deprivation is really not enticing, as i am tired all day. and i can only sleep when it is light outside! come sunshine i doze. yes, i do want to be a cat.

the mattress - not flolloping, i made sure it never was alive (mainly because of my allergies) - is quite new and still has a comfy hollow in the middle. not good. but i did get new pillows, as my old ones where just tiny lumps of ... lumpy stuff. and i have no carpets and electric thingies that are bed for sleep. and i am tired.

this is boring. end of transmission. for now.

eta: the oracle of kevin bacon might help.
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earlier on i sacrificed myself (and a day) for janiel.
that's ok.

but as it is getting 10 pm, i attempted to finally clean up.
sort out.

with the result that i spilled 250ml of fresh, hot oolong tea on my carpet.
brown again.

i am not paranoid. i am not imagining things. whenever i try!try to get going, to do something, to make a change, to take control of my life, something like this happens.
and it is not my subconscious.
it is brown.

5 min later: mys called ♥ well, i assume it was myska_x, as i shouted "hello" repeatedly only to finally hear some noise, which i cleverly deduced to be sounds of a concert. three seconds later i remembered that yellowsummer would be going to "the hives" tomorrow night, so this had to be mys at "maroon 5" ... can you believe it, mys has called me a couple of times already and still i have never heard her voice! :)
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