October 23rd, 2004


cynics deap-sea dive to watch someone healthy lose breath

okay, my lil quiz is going slow, but i already had one super-correct first-guess, cudos to fiendling, followed by greeksong and dissident_dream. the runner-ups so far are:

  • they are british (dissident_dream knows one when she sees one)
  • have "c" in their name (true, but beside the point, maths-kid yellowsummer)
  • i like them all (myska_x got right to the point)
  • ... and derivations thereof (they are all sexy, i would *cough* them all etc.)
  • they have all played gay characters (it took mickfish to see this)

    ... there are at least five more similarities, and the real answer is obvious, i swear!
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    thanks to myska_x for this: Germany approves soldiers having sex with each other. my disillusioned comment is here.

    puppet!angel might end up looking better than what i showed you here.


    i sent penelope_z one of the four anime tracks i have, and thought maybe some of you might enjoy them as well:

    tenshi na konamaiki: grand blue (original opening theme)
    urusei yatsura: tv theme song
    urusei yatsura: pajama jamada!
    urusei yatsura: end theme


    juliatheyounger, i think you might be the only other fan here? silverthoughts kindly scanned images and article of bruce campbell's lates film.


    and at the very high risk of permanent computer failure (7mb hd space .. :S .. 0.0) i made these for greeksong:
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