October 20th, 2004


the opposite of a pic spam - a mapscip!

myska_x, i did it! racing to the underground with the camera in hand, i snapped at (unfortunately only with the camera) a puppy. this is a dog, not!not a mop. with bonus corner-of-a-bench (both for size purposes and because the strip of grass is no larger)!

woelfle, i snapped 4 (four) pics in a great hurry, our dangerous bike-room ... once you get trapped by them, you know that "the third policeman" is not fiction: Collapse )

for nobody since nobody asked - this looks very obscene in real life, much more than the vaguely intercoursing henry moore thing next to it: Collapse )

status update on the-hunt-for-_inbetween_:

wth can't you find me?! pfffft.

eta: the winners:

gold: mickfish
silver: dissident_dream
bronze: _bettina_ (extra cudos for trying hardest; maybe the only one trying at all)

outside the competition: yellowsummer (so, should i take it down now?!?)
everybody else: tsk.

ps: only girls find me attractive. even the australian director who knows joel schumacher and robert redford and the director of vincent kartheiser and all the aussies and who liked me thinks i am a lesbian. not that that seems to make me any more attractive in their eyes, "coupling" be damned ... and you should have seen his face when i said "would you like to talk about coupling" - he had never heard of the series and thought ... argh!
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