October 18th, 2004


i want you to buy me stuff!

tonight is not a time for posting. instead of saying anything i want to, i will just type that i liked today's monk episode (in the circus) best of all (so far) and love stottlemeyer (always) and his side-kick (more and more) and today even sharona and monk and the meta thing going on ........ ringo starr has very pretty eyes. behind that beard he might still be nice. his wife is actually unattractive ........ i forgot if i bought or downloaded event horizon, cannot figure it out, it is probably censored, not that i want to see more gore, and the taped version is fucked up because while i changed the tv channel the vcr channel is still stuck and they had text running through all the time ........ so i want you all to buy me stuff. go and buy me years and years of paid live journal and hundreds of icons ........ and while you are at it buy me some web space and then go over to amazon and buy me many dvd boxes, yes, do it, because i am so poor and so funny and so wonderful and loveable and don't be shy and i so deserve it ........ see, i am not asking you to invite me to your home or send me clothes and chocolates from exotic places or life-size actor's figures or pay for my flight tickets or schooling, no - not that i would mind that either you know, if you so kindly insist - but rigth now i just want you to go and fucking buy me lots of presents, especially stuff i cannot get her for love or money ...... how about some anime or manga or wonderful big comic books - wtfbbq they are re-releasing bone in colour now and i still don't have one issue and might now never get it because the reprints are coming out this is killing me ...... please. email me for my detailed wishlist. ........ you know i love you all. if you do it, that is. haha, just kidding, of course i love you anyway. just those of you that send me stuff are more loveable somehow. so much nicer. kinder. sweeter. you are so special ........ did i mention i would like and spider-man 2 and harry potter 3 and king arthur, all of them in special edition and omg the extra-special edition of lord of the rings 3 of course ....... and to make it more interesting buy me all of the films with jason isaacs and clive owen and daniel craig and steven mackintosh and aidan gillen and craig kelly and gary oldman and tim roth and jude law and buster keaton ........ then go and buy me stuff i don't have like the monk and simpsons and maybe scrubs and especially jeremiah ... pretty please and especially the malcolm in the middle and daria boxes ....... because i got buffy/angel/firefly already although not the special us editions so you are welcome and also anything else you think i might like omg i love you so you are too nice squeee hugs love you you really shouldn't have!
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