October 16th, 2004


grey day

same-sex relationships have an entirely different dynamic. in heterosexual relationships, the man typically has the physical, economic and political power, the woman has the social and sexual power. there is always resentment on both sides about this. in gay relationships, both sides start from the same base ...

they are obviously getting desperate there at google:
they gave me six (6) g-mail invites. any takers?
did not think so.


last chance to see: i have a digicam this weekend. i might not venture outside at all as a) it is freezing and grey and raining and b) i never go outside if i don't get paid to, but go here and tell me if you do happen to want me to take pics of anything. and post them, duh.

the rat-bastards! after torturing me with crashes, advertisements and threatening messages, photobucket informed me to either pay them or delete my account, or they will reduce my account. anybody know any other options, angelfire as an option ceased to exist long ago.
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