October 14th, 2004


(no subject)

once upon a midnight dreary, as i was waiting for mails,
waiting for messages from beyond,
scared of the night and of the day that lay in waiting,
i thought i should join some communities for my actors.
there are none for steven or daniel and i am in jason's,
but the ones for clive? rather dead, methinks.
there are too many communities and everyone only wants
it to be ...

(no subject)

oh oh oh.
they are playing the the on the radio.
this is the day!
this is the day your life will surely change.
i got goose-pimps and really really wet eyes.
no, i am not psmsing, i never pms.
i am sitting here shivering in my jacket and feeling like a dork.

small presents keep the friendship

lj did not post what i thought i had posted because my private to-do posts were misdated so you were spared more locked ramblings by me. you also missed out on pics of hell my colleagues, musings on demeaning servitude work and some music.

but have these sweets:
- neil gaiman's "wolves/walls" screensaver
- gaiman's "swapped dad for goldfish" screensaver

oh, and how could i forget my heart and soul.
before you click that, switch winamp to continuous play/repeat.
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