October 11th, 2004


schluss mit lustig

that joke isn't funny anymore
when every customer in the store got one or two special chocolates with their purchase, and i did not, i nearly burst into tears. i tried telling myself again and again that i could buy myself chocolate. but that is the same as telling me i should not care that colleague 1 is still getting praised constantly, even if i did the work.

our new supervisor, who calls her oh superior one, emphasised how much he supported my rec-leave-w/o-pay, only to say he did go to assconsul and the contract says it is not possible, despite me saying labor law says anything goes as long as we both agree on it.

- it was really cold. cold cold. even during the day. i shivered in my soft shoes.

- i really did exchange "going postal" but chose hastily and therefore got another imperfect copy, and the stunt cost me a lot of money and garnered me more imperfect pocket-books and the trauma of going back to ask for choc and not daring to ...

- and when i finally managed - with the help of some bank director coming out late - to find the correct machine to get some money *heartache through "0 credit"* i was also able to get my warmer shoes. twelve (12) euros for two small pieces of leather glued into them?

- my whole right side is in pain, and nobody believed the story of me and yellowsummer anyway.
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weiter mit lustig

pps: i wanted to say something about jude law. high res pics are a nightmare, because the hair sprouting out of his little moles and nose is awful. all of you fancying stubble are sickos, yay! but - and that is so cute - he has a few freckles ♥ and an iris like mine.

ps: yellowsummer - bruce is the good guy! why? simple: because an english guy is there, so bruce gets to be bland hero material, and sweet john hannah is the villain. *shakes head* and bruce is all young and slim. now i need someone to force me to actually look at the screen ... and watch it. i was always spooked by american films working hard to convert sane people to the fact that "cars have feelings, you insensitive monster". sickos.

ppps: wheeeeeeee, so cute ♥ bruce campbell has a link to ted raimi on his website.

♥ ♥ ♥

how to make love the bruce campbell way, pleeeeeeeease tell me this will really be sold as a book 8D
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