October 10th, 2004


logical conclusion

today i woke up with the worst head-ache of my life. as i’d never had a hangover before, i am not really good in fighting it. i did empty my very last packet of pain-killers and tried stretching and such. argh. *whimper*
you know, it’s just been too long.
too long since somebody spent the night here.

looking at my rumpled sheets, which i probably should wash today, i consider my folly in getting into a relationship with someone who could be my daughter ...

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eta: and since </a></b></a>yellowsummer left i am so terribly, terribly horny, it is unbearable!
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    connie francis "who's sorry now"; buffalo tom "bleeding <3"

the importance of keeping your clothes on

i always liked the due south theme - the swelling of the melody, the counter movement, the mixture of melancholy and joy. i sent it to </a></b></a>yellowsummer , with whom i spent the whole day as well (talking sex for 10 hours straight), as i lost her wolfman thingy. and as the whole weekend is over, and i have not even managed to read my flist, nor finish the overdue b-day present for mfbf, i thought somebody here might like to listen to it as well.

eta: that gay pop(stars)special is on mtv yet again. i still dislike it, but the lovely john cameron mitchellamber benson were in it for a few seconds at a time ... but </a></b></a>_bettina_, i might want to watch some of your gay porn nsync and bsb videos after all.

more eta: it goes so well parallel to american psycho. i am channel-hopping with my back turned, but i really like christian bale. don't know why, don't know since when, but i think "equilibrium" was good and am so looking forward to his batman ♥ ... he, i just wonder if he only got this role because he played bateman here? and he looks so young somehow, that face on top of that trained body. i wish all the people on mtv had to watch this.
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    dogs die in hot cars: "pasttimes & lifestyles"