October 7th, 2004


the final moments/in the dead of night

*</a></b></a>_inbetween_ waves gingerly*

i had gone offline from my birthday until just now. thanks again to </a></b></a>gaycrow, </a></b></a>juliatheyounger, </a></b></a>_bettina_, </a></b></a>woelfle, </a></b></a>greeksong (who planted ella into my head again) and </a></b></a>yellowsummer (harry potter/john lennon for you) for wishing me well, and especially </a></b></a>dissident_dream for my card - i finally found someone else who had the pic i wanted to show you: broad ioan!

as a general thank-you, i just spent an hour trying to give you all lil animals. the site does no longer exist.

finally, i got one email by mfbf - and on this i (once again) completely agree with dorktower ... and this of course.

i forgot what i had wanted to write :S
think i will lj-cut it ... Collapse )

every year i try to take it easier, christmas, birthdays, but no matter what i do, everybody hurts.
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you didn't ask for it, but i thought you needed a break from my misery, and as i had to take home the digicam from work, i took a photograph of what my country resembled to me these last few days.
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