October 2nd, 2004


"desperate, but not serious"

Collapse ) when is anything ever easy or pleasant in my life? *palpitations*

"sex is far from a romantic affair -
it is selfish, aggressive, competitive and sometimes fatal" Collapse )

no, that is not a typo (or many), it's a word from going postal. and it does not exist, but terry pratchett made me reread it 4 times, including the missing "l" and "ä" and wonder for a moment. but reading invisible letters fits the novel as a whole.

you won't get any spoilers from me, i am not finished anyway and there is not usually something to spoil a pratchett for people, but all critiques i read so far said it was his best novel for ages. i am not sure if i will agree to that (i think men like to have many men back), but so far, so good. "going postal" has a) lots of vetinari and it b) covers (critically) the mechanisms and effects of privatisation and c) the internet (incl. young communities on-line).

i had a premonition: Collapse )

and it makes me want to write letters. i always preferred real mail.
not that i get any.
and that, combined with morpheus -> sandman -> neil gaiman makes me think of -> dave sim, who seemingly did not include his form letter in my mail alone ... :(

electro-therapy sucks.