September 30th, 2004


someone tell me why

i jumped over my shadow and ordered myself books from england as a present. i thought i would not mind the postage, taxes and conversion costs, but this time the corners of the hard-covers where crushed, and so am i.
up to now i didn't have a single pratchett that was not in pristine condition (even if that meant i had to buy it again yet keep the bad one because it had the original cover covering the barcode - good old days :S). i cannot even bear to look at this one :( - lately amazon had packed well, dunno why a simple book order is harder than mixed soft-cover and dvd-orders.

now, before you stop reading this, please understand that this is an exercise in restraint. before i harakiri on wards, i thought i'd do a positive neutral post again. ahem. also, yellowsummer pointed out that even she does not know my tastes - she cannot guess it in music, and i suppose even less in books and comics and the likes. i joined a film community and was not able to post because i could not write down what my favourites were!

pratchett's going postal (not the horrid us one) is crushed, and in your dreams also looks strange (well, apart from the fact that it's the first tom holt i have with the new cover "artist" - intriguing, that they thought by making it more sophisticated and less childish by having nothing but a stick figure on it *grumblesicandothat but still wants it nicer* - all the dust covers seem too large and therefore horribly creased along the edges *hates with vengeance* the biggest book was strange and norrell - also the first english one with a page-marker i ever had. fingers crossed all the rave reviews *eyes neil* were true. but now to the biggest woe uhm, thing: the last, the final, the concluding collection of bone had been out since july, and i had not known!

i. had. not. known!!!

and. and they have a limited edition one-volume complete-bone monster book out as well. although i would rather have all the single comics! and the gilt-edged monster book. both in soft and hard-cover. you know, the print is smudged on some of my pages ... on monday, i was told comic steiner would get it again today, but when i phoned now, only the hardcover had arrived. they don't even know when the soft-cover will be re-ordered. i am in pain!

there are only two completely positive reading experiences in my life, which i remember without pain with only a little sad twinge, and that is pratchett on the sunny veranda with old r.e.m. blasting through the window and nobody else around. and bone, in the shade of our now killed tree, a cat or two pressed against me. both are sunny locations in a garden that no longer exists, in a mood that no longer exists, in a state i can never recapture.

before i start crying now, i wanted to show you some bone. but which parts? i wanted the one lying-on-grass-in-shaded-sunlight for above reasons, but that is -girly. i freely admit that i never loved the series as much once it became more political and "serious" or whatever you call it. this, this will always be "it" for me:

stupid, stupid rat-creatures, oh how i love thee.