September 26th, 2004


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as i obviously do not "want to bang like a horse" (i mean, i have heard of exploding sheep, but this?) nor to "hide from photo cops" (2-d police-men?), i now get improved philosophical spam mails: "character is what a person is in the dark"

eta: sunday 12.30 - "don't torture me with lies, beat me with the truth" o.0

this is so me, somehow:

not bad at all: after a day of pac-man i just reached level 7 and over 50 000 points (before that only ever level 3 and 20 000). i guess because i thought of friendly discussions on lj instead of my hell, and managed to half-drown out the game-beeps with "1000 broken mirrors", i was so brave and calm and zapped around, not afraid. and i won. yeah, that is symbolic, not just trivial talk.

of course this means i now have to beat myself at level 7, which i will never manage again.
*goes to look at "lost"-bear-slash-pic instead.
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i just found a spoon in my laundry.
in the washing, not the dish-washer. in my clothes, which for once i checked for handkerchiefs etc. lurking inside.

my poll so far:
the ones that never comment did not comment.
the ones that were not supposed to, promptly did.
only one person wants to read stories of me skinning myself.

and none of my friends like both the smiths and the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy *sob*
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