September 25th, 2004


there was a point to this but

8 pm:
ooookay, they finally, finally turned on the heating in this house.
a little bit.
but the cables of this here machine are not long enough to move closer to the heater.
i can reach it with my right foot if i stretch the leg and keep the socked toes hooked around the top.
now i have a cramp and am still freezing.

9 pm:
eta: it does not help that i am now hooked on pac-man. bloody eighties. just because i did not have a child-hood does not mean that i leave behind the red-black-squares to play hhgttg and pac-man, right?

10 pm:
smelly-offspring-of-edit: pumpkins are not meant to be fried.
bleurgh. my last potatoes wasted :(

heart-burn-of-edit: do not tell switchknife what firefly is. i do not want them to ever watch it!

11 pm:
miserably-spinster-of-edit: it does not help to buy smaller and less tasty bars of chocolate.

as i said, there was a point to all this, but it escaped me. i suppose it was about autumn, supposedly the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness *looks* seems more like modern winter, ie. cold, dark and rainy. *off to play more mindless wrist-killers*

2 am:
five seven or nine hours later, i am not kidding you. i am colder, tired, and still here. an automaton. eating dots, being killed
it does not help that i keep thinking of things they said.
i hate myself so much right now.
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speak to me! you know the drill:

lookit - a poll for people on my flist!
any reply by the usual suspects - i.e. my dear friends who always comment - is punishable by death! only the quiet ones please speak up. i made it veeery easy, just type number and letter.
oh, and milady and spela are also excempt.

1) do you read my journal? why/not?

a) "no, sorry, i filter you out".
b) "occasionally".
c) "it sucks".

2) why don't you defriend me?

a) "because then you could not read/see my entries". (thanks to all the artists! :))
b) "because i think you will defriend me as well".
c) "because i am waiting for you to do it first".
d) "because i am too lazy to".

3) what would you prefer to see here?

a) "stories about your psychopathic life, including self-abuse" (specify if your preference runs to cutting, skinning, vomiting or alternative methods) "and mentiones of suicidal depression". language of violence, the language of the heart?
b) "stories or art done by you".
c) "recommendations".
d) "less".

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i watched "lost" because friends like dom monaghan and other people on my flist wrote positive things about the pilot. i don't know why. but i did a review. includes hyperlinks.

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people thought films after games were shallow, but this is the filmed version of a game show! big-brother or survivor or whatever. spy kids 2 was better.
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