September 20th, 2004


do you use friendster?

in the weird mood of "i'll never see you again nor become good friends (again) so i'll go to the limits" i wanted to spy on one of my shifty, over-priviledged colleagues. much beloved "sweet" asian girl, she spends most of her time online downloading fanfiction (i pretended not to know about that and let her lecture me on the subject; back when we where still talking she had never heard of slash), Collapse ) today i managed to log in - now i fully appreciate the diversity, skill and interests of the people on live journal. apart from being legally forbidden to post pics of pets or cartoons, these are the searches on friendster:

"recent searches:

* one night stand
* hanim iparku
* japanese babes
* blink 182
* lubang puki
* music downloads
* nicole sia
* kissing techniques
* free ringtones

popular searches

* meeting online
* louis vuitton bags
* burberry handbags
* how to lose weight
* discount laptops
* defensive driving
* free plane tickets
* halo 2
* cheap airline tickets to philippines
* depression treatment"

naturally, i could not help myself. i went to search for:

* intelligence

somehow, that stands out a bit ...
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