September 12th, 2004


backlog 1

some months ago i wanted to tell you all about bmw, yes, bmw! forget orlando or eric, craig clive will be the new james bond because money rules (plus he is the best for the job, but what the hey) and in order to show you i have to link you to the incredible car films - corporates suck, but, hey *loves*

directors john woo, david fincher, ridley scott etc.
but mainly clive owen, and gary oldman, some ray liotta and robert patrick.

beat the devil: tony scott really did such a brilliant job with the devil. i mean, gary oldman could have danced around more, i would have liked to watch for much longer, but this short clip was richer than many a full length movie, with so many references to history and movie history and pop culture and so much tongue-in-cheek and still be cool and beautiful to look at and so funny. clive's drive to fame.

j'accuse: you should have told me about this!

ah. right. never actually posted all this.

  • what i did for my holiday - sadly not what ildi_bp so wonderfully depicted.
  • see a wonderful "alien" parody. with bunnies.
  • see a wonderful drarry kiss
  • see a wonderful sire hug

    in the meantime most of you had already seen those. the theban band, right?

    not able to focus on myself. my discussions in dissident_dream's, mickfish's and bettina's journals were actually more interesting than resident posts. alice in wonderland + morrissey aka polish pimp.

    coming up:
    black hawk down
    king arthur
    maid in manhattan

    missing - where the hell did i put it, if written at all?:
    trains + burning trams
    wasserrohrbruch + warsaw
    gay pimp + o-zone

    cut for your pleasure:
    wails and woes, noises and throes.
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