September 11th, 2004


can't stand me now ... or do we just keep on pretending

dreamed of a former friend (eta: and nightmared about the other one doing her stuff to me) and finding and losing a flat and homeless running around and all kinds of unpleasant feelings. still no emails.

the other day yellowsummer and i finally but briefly only met me only long enough for both of us to fall ill - and to see what i would look like in 30 years, a wrecked bum with single red hairs in the dirty grey mop, sitting in the dirtiest mcdonalds ever for as long as possible nursing a small ice cream. yellowsummer, otoh, will get pregnant in seven years.

still searching:
didn't know that vogue was gay. or that there was a gay vogue, whatever.
but then l'uomo vogue is really only called l'uomo and is not actually the italian vogue (which does not seem to exist anyway :S) *shakes fist at ioan fans making things so bloody difficult*

didn't know that "the buddha has every issue of vogue l'uomo. he can't wear the clothes, but he enjoys the articles". uhm. this starts here, if you want to read the whole strip?story?, i saved you some trouble, just start here. this one is my favourite panel.

didn't know these pics of elijah either:
elijah wood resembling the generally gorgeous martin rossiter!
favourite gay, in which elijah somehow looks just like stroheim to me (only found this slightly different pic).
my favourite.
nipple shot.

4 hours later:
fuuuuck. they had absolutely every brit, every attractive actor, everyone i liked featured at one point or another. where is that mag!!!???!!!

the photos are not the best of the men, but just great photos.

colin firth. for me. colin really looks very ordinary and is very witty.

as far as i know there is a huge difference between hotlinking and direct linking, but you cannot click on the following, you have to paste them into your browser to see Collapse )
3:1 for the elephant :D

those pic-links take such a long time. finished this for dissident_dream though:

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    the libertines, what else could i possible listen to?

"it's like learning a new language" vs. "it's different now that i'm poor and aging"

eta: put into the first paragraph, as my dear friend only reads that ;P

arcadia? albion? oh well *sigh* it's cold and dark here ... as much as i love, love, love the libertines and the whole second album, i really cannot listen to "don't be shy" - first i was confident the off-key singing would endear it to me in the long run, but now i can't stand the awful yowling at all. gah. that has not happened to me since ... dunno, the eighties?!

could you please link me to that "friends meme" that counted how many comments you got from everyone on your list? it was called "best friends" or something but i cannot find it anymore.

similarly, has anybody seen hero? please tell me what it says right at the end of the movie, superimposed over the great wall!

linnpuzzle's remus
hi1arity's remus

in other news: spam gets more evil by the minute. it somehow managed to get into my lj-comments subsection which it never did before. it also uses real-life-friends-names as senders now. after i have deinstalled so much stuff, it is getting worse?! i really like outlook. what shall i do now?

not sure if i am happy about this, as i not only find "the matrix" bad (not just overrated, bad) and only saw "x-men 2" for some ian/hugh/alan moments, but i am rather sure that joss whedon will direct "x-men 3". damn, if only that came out before firefly, then firefly would get a better start!!!

redundant comment that should be posted to some community like daily_snitch but *shrugs*: there is no need to use "hir" as it is common usage in the english language to use "they/them/their" when the gender of the person is in doubt or you want to be gender neutral. i had not learned that in school or university either, only at the work place, and i am starting to dislike "hir" a lot!

i have no bread.
i have no milk.
i have no butter.
i feel very poor and such and a stench of petrol suddenly permeads the house!

summer is over and i missed it again! watch this space to hear me say the same thing about christmas later on. now should come "seasons of mist and mellow fruitfullness", right?
*looks around*
i was going to do the fiendling/nassima meme of drawing where i live, but there are only so many shades of grey ...
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