September 10th, 2004


it’s catching up! … i’m fucked … a dead duck!

damn word-semi-auto-correct makes me go back and make all the caps small again!

when i bounced (ok, i don't bounce, but my icon does) about clive and jude in one picture, dissident_dream replied that clive owen is gq man of the year. wowsers.
ok, i thought. king arthur, i thought. nope!
unbelievably, he is the armani man, not best actor (that’s paul bettany).

spent hours trying to find the gq and the vogue in which ioan and clive or jude were supposedly featured, without results. apart from both of us getting a feverish cold again ...
then trawled the net, frowned at the cultural differences of the magazine from italy (pure porn from the cover onwards) to taiwan/korea (western faces, no porn) and found small pics of the russian edition, which had the best taste of all as it features jude on the cover, but I simply could not afford to buy it just for pics like this:

also stumbled across one of many an interesting article, on tim roth (behaving badly), the last paragraph featuring queer-basher john wayne and wise-crack kirk douglas.

and johnny depp with kate winslett, who gladly does not look like that. Why can’t I have been sent there, want to see "finding neverland" now. aaaaaaaaaand, yellowsummer he will play in "the libertine", which sounds like the kind of movie I wanted to make from heyer’s novels that natural nylon (jude law, sean pertwee, jonny lee miller, sadie frost et al) never got round to making!

tmi: tearing strips of skin off my chin and heels. yuck and ow.