September 8th, 2004


tidal waves will rip right through me ... i need you so bad

bad: 64 emails in 8 hours, none personal, all of them spam. try to blame lj?

good, possibly really good: johnny depp plays james barrie.

bad: michelle trachtenberg now in greg araki movie. words and ** fail me.

fucked: ... i'll tell you later.

eta: my drugs. deriavates of -

vitamin b: make you happy. or something.

vitamin a: can cause depression.

should they really be giving me both?

in case anybody is actually able to send comments:

complete strangers, please speak to me, i need you.

big problem: i have already deleted so many files because i was unable to open them, despite long searches, complicated player and codec installations, and lots of heartache. i just don't want to do this again and ask you

for help re. (mainly) .avi files:

a) the first one once played with the correct subtitles, automatically opening "direct vob sub" when using windows media player. then, no matter what i did, no matter which player i tried, even when i set vobsub to always open (not "when forced" only) i never got the subtitles again.

b) generally all my divx no longer play in the divx player, despite me having downloaded all kinds of codecs. i cannot play them in winamp as they turn blue. but windows media player (my version) simply does not allow me to change it to the correct 16:9 ratio. so i can have it 1) squeezed or 2) blue.

c) when an avi file does not have any sound in "edwatch" despite the console listing "mpeg 2 layers 3 0Khz", might the finished overnet download be ok, or is it hopeless?

this is the tip of the iceberg. thank you kindly for any and all tips.