September 2nd, 2004


desperately looking for ...

new friends. rich ones. nice, kind, giving rich friends. preferably living in a popular english-speaking town. applications in comments. no, none of you fit, i know you are all poor! and while i am at it, if said rich new friend is female, an attractive, interesting brother would be welcome. a nice extended family as well, i am up for adoption.

*stars to avoid confusion this time*

conked out by pills for most of the day, i am now half-way into the dance of the vodoo handbag. i am still only put of by descriptions of vomiting, obviously no longer by the drinking, and i would actually welcome more sex now. i wonder if i changed or rankin did. i think it was him, as i noticed a trend when i was still reading-as-published, maybe he is happy now. or married. or was when he wrote that. or not.

i will never ever underline anything, but i might go back and bookmark (i.e. put a piece of paper in the book) where he writes about people now having satellites as birth stars, and homosexuality being the only thing differentiating humans from animals (no, not that way, that would actually be incorrect).


pentagon not hit by boing, big cover up, anyone shocked?

denial, although still the same photos


proof i am really ill: after marking it big and preparing a tape and waiting till midnight i actually forgot to time "happy now", a movie with ioan gruffudd and jonathan rhys meyers (and the girl who once played with jason isaacs). i hate me so much right now (that is a garbled quote, not bad grammar).

gacked from glockgal, although most people have it from greeksong now: Collapse )