September 1st, 2004


obligatory "still-here" post

pain, pain, pain, pain, pain.
wasn't that sung by morrissey?*

i cannot recreate the delight of reading his initial "sprouts of wrath" ever again, but i started making an inroad on my robert rankin collection, which i stopped reading long before i stopped buying it, for similar reason as david sim's "cerebus". nostradamus ate my hamster first surprised me with the wisdom that you actually do not meet the most interesting people in pubs.

after the usual, rather harmless sexism, i further agreed with rankin on an alien conspiracy for the first time in my life (why didn't i think of that earlier - the government is covering it up because they struck a deal with them, e.g. to allow a certain number of abduction for experiments) and learned that prince charles is related to adolf speer (even if this is a lie, it rings true, and is typical for basic world truths that nobody would care about even if published, see reactions to bush's ongoing stupidity).

pain. first just the weakness and freezing. cold sweats. today my right side is in agony, from shoulderblades to fingertips, from hip to ankle (i don't like the other word usually used for the endpoint of that body-length). so much pain. and i won't see _bettina_. but i will have to listen to bullshit from boss and from soon-to-be-no-more supervisor. pain. arthritis? i feel like captian hook.

* no**.

** yellowsummer, it's to the melody of "frankly, mr. shankley".