August 20th, 2004


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the m-key is the most used (looking) on my keyboard.


i like to look at the bruises on my skin.
i also quite like washing my blood off it.


i thought that if i ever wanted a figure, i would want "beneath you"-spike, but i imagined him slumped against the cross, not like this.


saw "martha, meet daniel, frank and laurence" for the x-th time, once again zapping around during it and still not in the original version. why? because of tom hollander, of course, and rufus sewell a bit as well. and only now i saw how otp the film proclaims them to be.

why not sooner? because i had always, my whole life, been in love with "boy-friends" like that, before ever knowing there was a mainstream movement happening. it was so natural for me. and it was natural in films an books all the time.

somehow, slash takes away too many things from me these days. when tom and rufus sit there, bloodied and happy, saying that they should have done that years ago, and that they think that must be how it feels to give birth for women, but nobody told you it would hurt your fingers - that is just adorable. but it is like the narnia chronicles - it was better when i received it unconsciously.


watching michael ryan absolutely breaks my heart! :°) how could i ever think i was slowly getting over jason isaacs?!
when his sister maura went back to the "good" guys yet again, i hated her, briefly. "dangerous lady" (rather misleading title!) was basically much too short, too much happened too quickly.
since jason plays a gay man, i obviously wanted this character to sleep with his sister, who could not have children anyway. i so wanted them to at least kiss deeply. could even have kept on being a family.

30 min later: i had hated geoff from the first instant. i am not sure if that was a sign of good movie making, as he supposedly is a "good" guy by betraying them.
nearly, michael's and maura's lips so nearly touched. but not quite, never quite.

to continue with sounding perverted to some of you: i would want jason/mickey even if he was dead! if i could hold him like that.

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