August 18th, 2004


help, help! we have reached a critical degree of sweetening!

i thought "starsky + hutch" was one of the worst movies i ever forgot i had seen.
i was sure that nothing could be more stupid than "troy".
i was wrong.

"wir haben einen
kritischen grad der aussüssung erreicht!"

at that point, i actually got a fit of hysterics. laughter, that is. i tried to find the english line, but - is it any wonder that there simply is no film script of "the day after tomorrow" on the net? i am sure there never was one in the first place. we all know cliché film lines, but this time emmerich hit the roof and kept going.

it took yellowsummer and me about 30 minutes to remember the single funny line in the whole movie, and that is actually a word, i.e. "penicillin".

by the time they were running away from the cold and, as expected, one lesser character shouted to the hero "shut the door" i was too wrung out to properly laugh any more. the movie killed a dozen of my brain-cell every minute. considering we felt it took four hours, it is a surprise i managed to get home after all.
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