August 10th, 2004


one, two, i got a crush on you-hou

holding reply.

i have a dozen or so half-finished things i meant to post, they are littering my lj behind the private filter ...
i don't know why so many of you are doing the crush-meme, as you have to give email and passwords and such and then you don't know how it works :S
i am devastated that jason wears a wig in "passionada" as well, devastated.
i am stressed beyond belief at the thought of going home for a few hours. hours!
i start all sentences with i.

if my friends have not left me or the country, they are busy or sick. blah.

eta: i am not yet sure if i am allowed to link, and it is probably friends-locked anyway, but for any of you still wondering/interested what took me offline, brimful/wayfairer just posted something about her own situation that is very close to mine, and my reasons.

pathetic, huh? i can't even write my own eulogies. or. whatever they should be called if you knew proper english. yeah, i stop now!
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    eta: the clash "crush on you" *hithead with result*