August 8th, 2004


old. alone. done for.

i am hungry. i am lonely. i am sweaty. it is getting cooler. i feel frustrated but am working hard and have arrived at flist skip -200 finished skip -1000. somehow i cannot see this as an achievement on a very summery weekend. i actually would like a rl. plus, with no signs of abating, i love jason isaacs more than i want to and sometimes that worries me, honestly. so i just spam this, go back to finish my flist, and later delete this again, if and when i have something to say.

like this:

i swear my mouth just went dry and all my bodily fluids sloshed to the wrong places. i knew jason and daniel craig were in "angels in america" but somehow this photo of them naked. in bed. together. did it. those two guys. i can imagine their incredible voices. their relaxed comfortableness (yes, i know what i mean).
i am still lacking saliva and feeling like crying. argh.