August 1st, 2004


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apologies to all of you wondering where i went. i have been - and for all intents and purposes still am - afk, not receiving anything at all online. this had not been intentional, sorry if i made anybody worry.

i never thought i would have to write this, but as i missed more than 4 weeks of entries, i would be grateful if you could link me to any interesting stories and art work, earth-shattering news and events and any other important developements that happened in the meantime, even though i don't know when i will go online again. thank you kindly.

slash! fabble!

yellowsummer, as i might not have the opportunity to give you the nice print-out version any time soon, let me wish you a happy birthday once more, with this tailor-made-for-you: Collapse )

ps: long live the subtext!!
and that was as far as i will ever venture into pop-slash. *coughs*